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Setting up a base is one of the very first things you’ll do when you’re getting started in Palworld. You’ll be building up your base throughout the game, so getting your location and layout right will save you plenty of headaches in the long run – here’s what we wish we knew starting out!

Choose A Flat, Unobstructed Area

After placing your Palbox down, you’ll see a large blue circle surrounding it – this is the buildable area for your base. You want this area to be as free as possible of any hills, cliffs, water, or other obstructions. You’ll need a lot of space for the structures and buildings you’ll eventually want to construct, some of which can be pretty large.

As Pals wander around your base diligently working, they have an unfortunate tendency to get stuck and become unable to move, eventually becoming hungry, tired, and unwell. The clearer your base is, the less likely this is to happen!

Include Harvestable Resources Nearby

If you have harvestable resources, like wood, ore, Paldium, and stone, within your base radius, the Pals that you have working at your base can gather them as they work. You’ll need plenty of resources in order to progress, so it’s a good idea to start passively accumulating them as soon as possible.

Build a Vixy Ranch

Ranches are unlocked at level 5 in the Palworld Technology tree. You can assign any Pal with the farming skill to the Ranch, and they’ll drop items specific to their species – Chikipi drops eggs, and Mozzarina drops milk, but the most immediately useful pal to use is Vixy. Vixy drops Pal Spheres and Arrows when assigned to the Ranch, both of which are incredibly useful for catching Pals – you’ll find yourself needing hundreds of them before long.

Place Feed Boxes and Chests Near Workstations

Pals with the Transporting proficiency will carry dropped or harvested resources to nearby chests for you. To save them wasting time traipsing across the map, place chests near any workstations that output materials. You should also make sure every workstation is reasonably close to a Feed Box so that Pals can take a lunch break without walking too far.

Upgrade to Stone as Soon as Possible

At some point, your base will begin to be targeted by raids, in which groups of Pals or other enemies spawn in and attempt to damage your Pals and structures. If your base is made of flammable materials, there’s a chance Pals with explosive or fire-based attacks could set it alight. Fire spreads incredibly quickly, so you’re likely to lose anything attached to the burning structure.

The stone structure set is unlocked at Level 18!

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