Amid Industry-Wide Layoffs, Capcom Is Increasing Starting Salary In Japan By More Than 25 Percent

Amid industry-wide layoffs that have already affected more than 6,700 people in 2024 alone (on top of 10,000 laid off in the games industry last year), Capcom has announced it is increasing its starting salary in Japan by more than 25 percent. Plus, those already working at the company behind games like Street Fighter 6, Dragon’s Dogma 2, and the Resident Evil franchise will be getting an increase in their salaries as well. 

This news comes by way of VideoGamesChronicle, which reports that the existing pay for “new graduate hires” is around $1,560 per month but, starting in Capcom’s 2025 fiscal year, that will change to around $2000 a month, representing a more than 25 percent jump in pay. Existing salaries will be bumped up by more than 5 percent, on average, in Capcom’s 2024 fiscal year, according to VGC, and current employees will also get a “one-time special payment,” as “an investment in the people who support the future of the company.” 

“With the increase in starting salary, Capcom is pursuing further investment in human capital and the acquisition of exceptional talent,” Capcom writes in a statement, according to VGC.

The publication notes Capcom increased it salaries by 30 percent in 2022 with a new bonus system tied to the company’s overall business performance. Which, given Capcom’s excellent run over the years, including Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4 (remake), Resident Evil Village, and more, those bonuses were likely great. 

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[Source: VideoGamesChronicle]

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