Anupam Kher Pays Rs 400 for a Comb to Make Street Vendor’s Birthday Special: Video Inside | – Times of India

Veteran actor Anupam Kher is known to share videos on his social media handle, about the numerous experiences he has had with the cross section of the society. Today, he interacted with a street vendor who was selling combs on the street. The actor hilariously trolled himself saying that he doesn’t need a comb, but decided to buy one from the vendor when he told him it’s his birthday.

Sharing the video, Kher wrote, “BALD AND BEAUTIFUL!! Funny Encounter in Mumbai: Raju sells combs (कंघी) on the streets of Mumbai! I will never have a reason to buy a comb. But it was his birthday. And he felt if I buy one it will be a good beginning for him. I was sure he had seen better days in life. His smile was infectious and inspirational! If you ever see him please buy his combs. Doesn’t matter if you have hair or not! He will brighten your day with his simple persona!

#Life #Inspirational #Funny #BaldAndBeautiful”
Kher handed Raju Rs 400 for a comb, which brought a huge smile on the vendor’s face.The veteran actor was also hesitant in accepting the comb but the vendor insisted on it, he even mentioned that with the actor buying from him, he’s assured of selling more combs today. Raju even shared his ordeal with the actor stating that he walked all the way from Bandra to Andheri to sell the combs and even recognized the actor.

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