Ayesha Kapur opens up about ‘Black’ releasing on OTT; says the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial has become a cult film in Korea | – Times of India

19 years after the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s ‘Black‘, the film was recently released on a leading OTT platform. Actress Ayesha Kapur, who played Michelle McNally in the film, expressed her excitement over the same.
In an interview with Hindustan Times, Ayesha expressed her disappointment when the movie was removed from YouTube, admitting she felt sad. However, she now feels optimistic that it’s available on OTT platforms. She believes this accessibility will allow more viewers, including her college friends in America, to watch it. She was surprised it wasn’t available on any platform for a long time.

While Rani Mukerji portrayed the grown-up Michelle, Kapur’s depiction of the deaf-mute girl earned her widespread acclaim. Kapur mentioned that the film had resonated with the blind and deaf community as well. She noted its status as a cult film, even gaining popularity in Korea. Kapur reflected on the film’s extensive reach and its profound impact on diverse audiences.

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At just nine years old, Kapur wasn’t fully aware of the significance of her performance. She explained that she had little exposure to Bollywood at the time, so she didn’t comprehend the extent of what she was getting into.

Kapur described her experience, noting that she didn’t possess any star complex or extensive exposure, allowing her to fully embody the character of Michelle. It was only later that she realized the intensity of the role. Despite this, she developed a strong passion for acting throughout the process.
Despite working alongside industry giants like Bhansali and Bachchan, Kapur felt that they didn’t treat her as just a nine-year-old. She noted that they actively involved her in the creative process, enabling her to shine and deliver her best performance.

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