Body language expert decodes Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty’s relationship | The Times of India

Examining Shilpa Shetty’s body language reveals confidence, purity, joy, and a lovable nature. These qualities make her likable and appreciated by others. Her facial expressions suggest a person who is vocal and expressive without overthinking. Analysing Shilpa’s hand gestures and feet placement indicates her growth over time, allowing her to adeptly manage both personal and professional aspects of life.

Through her eyes, Shilpa portrays a strong connection to family, cherishing moments with husband Raj and their children, signifying their importance in her life. Overall, Shilpa Shetty exudes a positive and capable demeanor, showcasing her ability to navigate various aspects of life with confidence, openness, and a genuine love for her family.

Photo: Shilpa Shetty/ Instagram

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