Dave The Diver Coming to PlayStation, Godzilla Crossover Announced

Today’s PlayStation stream brought some great news for players on Sony consoles. Dave the Diver is headed to Playstation in April, meaning that players who weren’t able to catch the game on Switch or PC will now have a chance to join Dave on his adventures.

As we highlighted in the game’s review, Dave the Diver was one of the welcome surprises of last year, offering a novel and amusing mix of gameplay experiences. Part of the game focuses on scuba diving and fishing, while another section of the game is about managing and growing a sushi restaurant, using the ingredients you gathered from the ocean. The game has a whimsical, lighthearted vibe and consistently entertaining gameplay, which together has garnered a lot of praise.

Alongside the release on PlayStation consoles, we also got a tease of a new crossover coming to Dave the Diver, in which Godzilla shows up in the strange waters of the Blue Hole. If we get to make sushi from a kaiju, it will be an awesome day, indeed. That new expansion to Dave’s adventure is set to arrive in May.

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