Deepika Padukone talks about her bond with Shah Rukh Khan; says ‘When I am confused or if I am stuck, I call him’ | – Times of India

Deepika Padukone, who is basking on the success of her latest release, ‘Fighter‘, recently opened up about her special bond with Shah Rukh Khan. The actress made her big Bollywood debut with King Khan in ‘Om Shanti Om‘.
In a conversation with Atika Farooqui, Deepika revealed that Shah Rukh Khan shared a valuable piece of advice with her. He emphasized the importance of working with people with whom she would have a good time and enjoy herself.Deepika acknowledged that Shah Rukh, known for his wisdom, imparted this lesson to her, and it has remained a significant learning experience for her in her career.

Reflecting on her collaboration with Shah Rukh at the age of 21, Deepika revealed that it was a period filled with daily doses of wisdom. This valuable lesson has become a guiding principle for her, particularly in the realm of filmmaking. According to Deepika, finding joy in working with people in the film industry is crucial. Even if a film doesn’t perform well, the positive work experience holds significant importance. She emphasized that enduring a negative experience while working on a less successful film can be particularly challenging.

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Continuing the discussion, Deepika shared that they don’t communicate daily. Their interactions become more frequent during movie projects. Despite the lack of regular contact, the moments of a hug or a meaningful look hold a special place. She emphasized the precious and unique connection they share. In times of confusion or when feeling stuck, she turns to him for support, and reciprocally, she’s there for him when he’s going through challenges in his life.

Meanwhile, ‘Fighter’ also starred Hrithik Roshan in lead role along with Anil Kapoor. The movie received mixed reviews from the audience and the critics alike.

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