Designer JJ Valaya talks about his bridge-to-luxury line JJV Kapurthala

JJ Valaya with show stopper Mrunal Thakur and Jim Sarabh
| Photo Credit: Special arrangements

At the exclusive preview of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion NXT in Hyderabad, the audience got to glimpse the new face of fashion with designer JJ Valaya’s bridge-to-luxury line JJV Kapurthala. He informs the collection is all about accessible fashion and not couture. The designer says, “I have been a wedding specialist. So people don’t really come to me for casual wear. But on this platform, for the first time in Hyderabad, we are showcasing a JJV, which will be priced under ₹50,000. It starts at ₹10,000. As recently as last week, we opened in Delhi. We are soon opening in Hyderabad.” 

JJ loves Hyderabadis and feels they are the Punjabis of the south who go all out to celebrate all occasions, especially weddings. 

The collection for the Fashion NXT 2024 was influenced by global trends and curated around three unique themes that are at the apex of evolving fashion. They are Wanderluxe, representing the influence of luxury fashion in holiday wear; Gloss and Glam, representing the modern interpretation of glamour in high fashion; and Interglamatic, representing fashion inspired by futurism.

JJ’s collections brought together the worlds of red-carpet glamour and luxury travel. It delved into a world of his iconic chevron prints and captured the essence of modern opulence through the liberal use of gold. He explains, “I have curated a fashion showcase that embraces the gloss and glamour of the red carpet and blends it with influences of modern luxury in travel attire. I am a royal nomad at heart, and I hope my collection will inspire people to dress up when stepping out during holidays, even when they prefer to travel light.”

What made this sought-after wedding couture specialist bring out JJV? The designer says, “Not everyone is getting married these days. So, keeping my brand restricted for a wedding seemed unfair to those who love luxury fashion. It is good that platforms like Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion NXT exist as they put spotlight on the future of fashion.”  

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