​Doc recommended best sources of Vitamin B12 for vegetarians​ | The Times of India

Since vitamin B12 is abundantly found in non-vegetarian foods, those who do not consume such foods are at a higher risk of developing a deficiency of this vitamin. According to Dt. Rashi Tantia, HOD – Dietician, Metro Hospital, Faridabad, the best sources of Vitamin B12 for vegetarians include:

– Cheese and dairy products

– Fortified cereals

– Fortified juices

– Fortified milk and tofu

– Vitamin water

– Whey powder

“In addition to eating the foods listed above, vegetarians who are deficient in Vitamin B12 may also want to think about taking supplements or increasing their intake of fortified foods high in the vitamin. Increase the amount of nutritional yeast, fortified plant-based milk, and fortified meat alternatives in their diet. Regularly check their blood levels for B12 deficiency and speak with a healthcare professional for advice on how to manage it,” Rashi adds.

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