Dungeonborne Mixes Strategic, Extraction and Battle Royale Gameplay, and You Can Try It Out at Steam Next Fest – IGN

Dungeonborne is an upcoming first person PvPvE dungeon crawler developed in Unreal Engine 5 that thrusts players into a dark fantasy world, where you get to feel every sword swing as you slay monsters with might and magics. Dungeonborne combines dungeon crawling with the realms of extraction and battle royale gameplay to spice things up and create a unique spin on the genre.

Starting February 2nd, you can try Dungeonborne during the game’s open alpha as part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest!

Here are four main reasons why you won’t want to miss it if you’re looking for a fresh dungeon crawler experience.

Dungeonborne is More Than a Mindless Dungeon Crawler – You’ll Need to Think Fast on Your Feet

While Dungeonborne may seem like a traditional dungeon crawler at first, there is more to it than meets the eye. As you venture into the gothic depths solo or in a party with two friends, lethal traps and dark shadows await at every turn. Trust nothing, but seek to utilize everything to your advantage. Look for high ground and ambush your foes, lure them into traps, or even take on the form of a treasure chest and lie in wait for your enemies’ greed to betray them.

Sharp tactical wit, team composition, and terrain understanding are all necessary to secure your treasure as you navigate this treacherous realm. You’ll need to make some hard decisions as you play: Do you escape early and secure your loot, or will you choose to stay behind and seek greater power at the risk of losing it all?

It’s the on-the-go decision making introduced by the extraction mechanic that spices things up in Dungeonborne, combined with the ever-shrinking safe zone that will force you to make tough calls, often in the middle of a fight. But winning isn’t all about being the last one standing. Your main objective is to make it out in one piece with some epic loot you can use later on.

Master the Gothic Spires With Powerful Classes and a Vast Combat System

Dungeonborne draws heavily on its RPG inspiration, and there will be plenty of classes for players to master. While there are familiar fantasy archetypes like Fighter, Priest or Rogue, you will also be able to pursue more specialized classes.

Encase your foes in ice as a Cryomancer or rain hellfire on all who oppose when you don the Pyromancer mantle. If you are a fan of necromancy or the occult, Dungeonborne has you covered. tep into the boots of a Death Knight, grasp foes with spectral chains, and drain their very life force.

Dungeonborne’s brutal combat rewards precision. Practice and perfect the core block and parry combat, carefully manage your class abilities, and utilize the flask and potion system to give you the edge in a fight. But beware: he further you venture, the tougher enemies get.

Team composition makes a big difference in Dungeonborne, so choose carefully when you decide whom to adventure with. While Dungeonborne’s open alpha will only feature the human and undead races, more options will arrive as the game nears its launch.

It’s All About Loot – Plunder, Craft and Enhance to Your Heart’s Content

After you’ve snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, it’s time to consolidate your loot and gear up before you head back into the fray. Once players make it back home, they can sell their loot at the in-game auction house or further enhance it. Every piece of loot matters and has its place in the game, deepening buildcrafting and giving you more options.

Spires and Dungeons Shine With Unreal Engine 5 Visuals

The gloomy gothic backdrop of Dungeonborne is brought to life in detail thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5. Immerse yourself in the stereoscopic capital audio that lets you hear every clash of blades, and every creak of a door that betrays your enemy’s position.

Test out Dungeonborne This February as Part of Steam Next Fest

Dungeonborne’s open alpha will be playable from February 2nd, and will be part of Steam Next Fest which kicks off on February 5th and ends on February 12th, giving you over a week to try it out for free. Developer Mithril Interactive will take all the player feedback from the open alpha and use it to improve the game in ways that support the community.

For more on Dungeonborne, be sure to check out the official website and the game’s Steam page where you can wishlist the game and jump in as soon as possible. To join the community, visit the official Discord channel or X (Twitter) page.

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