Earth Defense Force 6 Western Launch Delayed to the Summer – IGN

Earth Defense Force 6 now launches in the West this summer, D3Publisher has announced.

The third-person action shooter, already out in Japan, was set for launch in the West this spring but will now release this summer. That’s for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. There is no launch planned for Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

“Developer Sandlot and publisher D3Publisher have decided to extend the launch window to add finishing touches and finalize preparations for its Western launch,” reads a joint statement.

Here’s the official blurb:

“In the year 2025, humanity won the war against the unknown invaders known as Primers, and peace returned to the planet. As a result of the conflict, 90% of Earth’s population was destroyed, and civilization was on the brink of collapse. Earth Defense Force 6 picks up three years after the events of Earth Defense Force 5 in the year 2027. The survivors continue their efforts to rebuild but threats to the world’s safety remain persistent. The Primers left behind many alien colonists and the two species have become increasingly hostile toward one another. The number of invasive organisms nesting in the depths of the earth and its ruins continues to increase. The Earth Defense Force (EDF) is once again called upon to protect the planet from the aggressive extraterrestrial invaders and determine the true purpose of the giant ring-shaped object that has recently appeared in the sky. Will the EDF be able to pull humanity from the edge of defeat, or will this be the species’ last stand?”

IGN’s Earth Defense Force 5 review returned an 8.3. We said: “Even with dated graphics, EDF 5 is an energetic essay on action game design that is way too much fun to miss – especially with friends.”

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