‘Fighter’ star Deepika Padukone talks about being honest with her work; says ‘I am willing to accept my mistake and I am open to confrontation’ | – Times of India

Deepika Padukone, who is currently flying high on the success of her latest film, ‘Fighter‘, delved into her approach to handling multiple tasks, the method she uses to establish priorities, and how her sincerity resonates in her on-screen performances.
When questioned about her process for creating emotional scenes and the profound impact they have on the audience, Deepika stressed the importance of honesty in her work.She explained that, for her, expressing herself is not about using any particular technique but rather about being authentic. Deepika stated that she feels uncomfortable with dishonesty and filters, emphasizing her willingness to embrace vulnerability, acknowledge mistakes, and be open to confrontation. She highlighted the significance of maintaining a clean heart and soul in her approach. Despite being aware of making mistakes, Deepika believes it’s crucial to understand the reasons behind her actions, which, she believes, contributes to the touching nature of her performances.

Juggling multiple responsibilities can be tiring, and Deepika Padukone discussed her method for prioritizing tasks. She explained that as you advance in life, there comes a point where you let go of most things, holding onto only what adds value. In the earlier years, the focus was on wanting everything. However, with time, one begins to filter and choose what will genuinely enrich life. Deepika now evaluates everything in life with purpose and meaning, making it her primary filter.

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Moreover, she emphasized the significance of the opportunity to influence and touch people’s lives through her work. Deepika expressed that failing to do so would be a missed chance, prompting her to strive to be a better person and push her limits. The underlying intent is to make a positive impact.

Discussing multitasking, she mentioned her proficiency in handling various tasks simultaneously. While she acknowledged having excitement for multiple activities, she admitted to avoiding tasks that don’t bring her joy. She clarified that, despite personal preferences, certain responsibilities and commitments must be fulfilled.

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