Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Final Trailer Focuses On Pivotal Scenes In The Story

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues to look fantastic. During today’s PlayStation State of Play devoted to the upcoming exclusive title, we got a new look at various impactful scenes set to take place in this retelling of the middle portion of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series. 

The footage in this trailer shows off various scenes we haven’t yet witnessed and characters we’ve seen very little of. The main thrust is Sephiroth’s quest for the Black Materia and the party’s efforts to save the world. As you might imagine, it’s all set to the amazing soundtrack fans have come to expect from the game.

You can check out this cinematic trailer below.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth arrives on February 29 exclusively for PlayStation 5. For more, be sure to check out our in-depth coverage hub here.

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