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There’s plenty to see and do across the Palapagos Islands, and traveling on foot just isn’t going to cut it – no matter how fast you sprint, you’ll get there much quicker on riding the back of a Pal.

How to Ride Pals

Certain Pals have Partner Skills that allow you to mount them and ride them around. In order to do so, you’ll need to craft a saddle for the specific Pal you want to ride. Saddle recipes for rideable Pals are unlocked at different levels on the technology tree, so you’ll need to level up before you can ride stronger Pals.

Once you’ve unlocked the recipe, you can craft Pal saddles at a Pal Gear Workbench.

The earliest saddle you can craft is the Rushoar saddle at level 6, followed by the Melpaca saddle at level 7.

At level 12, you can craft a saddle for the best early game mount, Eikthyrdeer. You can use its ability, Antler Uppercut, to charge forward for a burst of speed, helping you get around faster. It also knocks down and damages any Pals you run into, which is a great way to control and catch them, while hopefully avoiding accidentally squishing them underfoot.

How to Fly

Galloping along on a four-legged Pal may be the fastest way to cover ground, but taking to the sky makes getting around the Palworld map much easier. Once you unlock the ability to ride a flying Pal, you’ll be able to avoid angry mobs, traverse towering cliffs and steep ravines, and unlock Fast Travel points faster than ever.

The earliest flying Pal you can ride is Nitewing, whose saddle is unlocked at level 15. To craft it, you’ll need 20 Leather, 10 Cloth, 15 Ingots, 20 Fiber, and 20 Paldium Fragments.

Once you reach level 21, you should consider upgrading and crafting a Vanwyrm saddle. Vanwyrm isn’t any faster than Nitewing, but it’s much stronger in combat, so is overall a better addition to your team.

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