Jaya Bachchan feels bad manners in a relationship is a red flag; says she never called husband Amitabh Bachchan ‘tum’ | – Times of India

During the most recent episode of Navya Naveli Nanda‘s vodcast, she, along with Jaya Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan, engaged in a discussion about love and relationships.
After Navya explained to her granddaughter what a red flag signifies, Jaya remarked that bad manners would be a concern for her. She expressed her dislike for when people address others informally using “tu” or “tum,” citing her own respectful demeanor towards her husband, Amitabh Bachchan, as an example.
Shweta expressed her red flags primarily concerning respect. She emphasized that both physical and verbal violence are unacceptable. Additionally, she stressed the importance of showing consideration when a partner expresses that something bothers them, advising against prolonging arguments once an apology has been given.Navya highlighted the challenges women face in remaining single in today’s world despite societal progress. Shweta observed that due to the perception that a woman’s role primarily revolves around motherhood, there is societal pressure for her to marry.

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She remarked that society is structured to accept singlehood more readily for men than for women. She advised against rushing into marriage and recommended having children only when emotionally and financially prepared. Jaya contributed by stating that many couples nowadays opt not to have children, which she deemed acceptable as well.
Shweta also noted that women often feel pressured to be in relationships because their friends are. She pointed out to Navya that all of her friends are in relationships, which she found significant.

Jaya described self-love as prioritizing self-respect. She emphasized the importance of respecting one’s own body and mind, stating that without self-respect, it’s challenging to respect others. Jaya stressed the necessity of valuing oneself first.
Shweta observed that Generation Z may not have difficulty with self-pampering, but they struggle with self-love. She explained that the challenge lies in navigating the abundance of negativity online, where one negative comment can overshadow the positives. Shweta reflected on her own experiences, noting the tendency to be overly critical and negative towards oneself. She emphasized the importance of ending this cycle of self-criticism.

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