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Mouni Roy, who is known for her beauty and fashion sense, has opened up about her personal struggle with body image and self-worth. In a candid revelation, Mouni shared her journey of self-acceptance and shed light on the challenges she faced while dealing with societal standards of beauty.
In her recent interview with India Today, Mouni confessed that she doesn’t consider herself conventionally pretty or attractive-looking.She revealed that she grappled with these thoughts for the longest time. She added that she has been the harshest critic or judge of how she looked and this has been one of the biggest truths of her life.
However, Mouni confronted her insecurities openly and attributed her transformation to a spiritual journey and the practice of meditation. “Meditation helped me with self-acceptance and self-love, and that’s something that has really helped me,” she revealed.
In the same interview, Mouni also shed light on her 17-year-long career, on her journey and struggles. She expressed gratitude towards television, which played a pivotal role in shaping her career. “Television has given me everything. I am what I am today because of TV, and I’m always going to be grateful for that,” she said.

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Recounting her decision to transition to films, Mouni explained, “At the time I decided to be a part of films, I felt if I didn’t do it now then when.” Her debut role in ‘Gold’ resonated with her real-life identity as a Bengali, which helped her pave a seamless path into the world of cinema. “It was a mix of both, my destiny and hard work that I’m where I am today,” she added.

Mouni further revealed instances of facing rejection in auditions, despite feeling confident about her performance. “There have been times when I have auditioned for a part, walking out thinking that I have done a great job… and eventually, I haven’t landed the part,” she shared.
On the work front, Mouni is now gearing up for her silver screen venture in Karan Johar’s much-awaited film ‘Showtime.’ She will be sharing the screen with Emraan Hashmi.

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