Nam Joo Hyuk School Bullying Allegations: Defamation Charges Filed Against Accusers | – Times of India

Nam Joo Hyuk can finally heave a sigh of relief as the bullying allegations against him have been cleared. The controversy erupted back in 2022 when the ‘Twenty One Twenty Five’ actor was reportedly accused of bullying by a former classmate. However, recent development suggest that the allegations were ruled as false and those involved in making these claims are facing legal action now.
According to allkpop, two individuals have been indicted on charges of defamation under the Information and Communication Network Act after the prosecution has determined these allegations to be unsubstantiated and false. As a result, both the journalist and the netizen have been found guilty of defamation. The report further stated that the prosecution has categorized the cases as summary offenses and has opted to request fines instead of moving forward with a trial. If neither the involved parties nor the court express a desire to proceed with a trial, the prosecution’s judgment will become final.
In 2022, a former classmate of Nam Joo Hyuk had claimed that the actor bullied him for six year during their school days but contrary to the allegations teachers and students had supported the ‘Start-Up’ star.

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