Paytm hiring for various positions; claims high interest from top talents | India Business News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Paytm, whose payments bank venture is facing regulatory action, is hiring for various positions across product and business divisions, according to a blog.
The blog posted on Paytm’s website said recruitment partners are continuing to see high interest from top talents in the country to join the company.
Page Group, a recruitment partner of Paytm, said the company is currently hiring for product and business positions.
“We have been recruiting high calibre and premium talent for the Paytm business for a while now, and expect the trend to continue. We are actively seeking individuals for product and business positions at Paytm, and there continues to be strong interest from quality candidates for these roles,” PageGroup MD Ankit Agarwala said in the blog.
The company is going through a crisis situation due to restrictions imposed by the Reserve Bank of India on its associate entity Paytm Payments Bank Limited (PPBL), which houses wallet and UPI services that are provided through the Paytm app.
The central bank, on January 31, directed it to stop accepting deposits or top-ups in any customer accounts, wallets, FASTTags and other instruments after February 29.
“Paytmers have come together and stand united. In fact, our recruitment partners continue to see high interest from top talent in the country, who want to join team Paytm and play an important role in redefining India’s digital landscape,” Paytm said in the blog.
Paytm is estimated to have around 30,000 employees.
“At Paytm, our commitment to innovation, excellence, and our team remains unshaken. The trust and enthusiasm of our colleagues, combined with the recognition from the recruitment and tech communities, reinforce our belief in the bright future that lies ahead,” the blog said.
Paytm recruitment ally EMA Partners India, senior partner of banking, financial services and technology, Reet Bhambhani said Paytm has always been a top attraction for talent across the country because of its agility, pioneering, and innovative spirit.
“We continue to see high traction for leadership roles at Paytm across engineering, business, and product streams,” Reet said.

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