Poonam Pandey’s husband Sam Bombay extends support amid massive backlash: ‘Several years from now, she’ll be celebrated’ | – Times of India

Poonam Pandey sparked a wave of confusion and concern after the news of her alleged death surfaced online. The actress, known for her bold and controversial moves, faked her own death to raise awareness for cervical cancer, which did not sit well with the industry fraternity and the netizens.
Amid massive backlash, Poonam’s former husband Sam Bombay stood by her side and expressed his support for her unconventional approach.In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sam revealed that he was not surprised by the death hoax and stated, “I’m delighted she did. She is alive. That’s enough for me. Alhamdullilah.”
When questioned about his emotional reaction to the news, Sam explained, “When I heard the news, I felt nothing in my heart. There was no sense of loss. And I thought this can’t be. Why do I feel nothing? Because when you’re connected, you feel everything. I think about her (Poonam Pandey) every day. And, I pray for her every day. If something was wrong, I’d know.”

Sam Bombay stands by Poonam Pandey amidst controversy: ‘Several years from now, she’ll be celebrated’

Providing an update on their marital status, Sam clarified, “No, we are not divorced, yet.” He further expressed happiness that Poonam is still alive and stated that she has a lot to contributions in the future. “If someone raises awareness about an issue with complete disregard for their fame or image, let’s respect that. Poonam Pandey is timeless. She is the boldest Indian woman. Several years from now, she’ll be celebrated,” he added.

A day after the news broke, Sam released an official statement on Instagram, saying, “I have not been able to fully process this. It certainly can’t be true. And I don’t want to believe it is. I’ll compose my emotions and post something shortly. Please pray for Poonam. I thank everyone for their condolences but I’ll request you to assess and ask questions. Something doesn’t feel right.”
Meanwhile, the All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has also slammed Poonam. The body issued a statement demanding an FIR against her. On February 2, Poonam’s manager claimed that the actress had lost her life to cervical cancer.

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