​Raha has it in her genes to face the camera: Mahesh Bhatt | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Mahesh Bhatt, the renowned filmmaker, expressed joy at being a grandfather and finds immense delight in the presence of his granddaughter Raha, whom he describes as “a piece of heaven.” He also shared that Raha is the epicenter of the house and the newest star of the family. Raha’s parents, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, unveiled the face of their one-year-old daughter in December last year at the annual Christmas launch Kapoor family holds, which caught everyone by surprise.

When Ranbir and Alia decided to reveal Raha’s face to the media, everyone including Mahesh Bhatt was surprised. During his conversation with Zoom he stated that the parents would have felt okay to do so as she had just turned one and felt it was time for her to be introduced to the world as everyone was keen to know how she looks. The director in the grandfather also noticed that how comfortable Raha was in front of the camera, he was simply amazed by her. Mahesh Bhatt added that unlike kids of the past generation, today’s kids are not terrified of being in front of the camera and stated that Raha has it in her genes to be in front of the camera.
Earlier at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit., Alia had opened up about why the couple didn’t want to reveal their daughter’s face and had said, “I don’t want it to seem like I am hiding my daughter. I am proud of her. If the cameras were not rolling right now, I would put a giant image of her on the screen. I love her. I am proud of our baby. But we are new parents. We don’t know how we feel about her face splashed out all over the internet, she’s barely a year old.”

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