Rockstar, Animal and others: Best Ranbir Kapoor movies to watch on OTT | The Times of India

In ancient India, the Brahmansh community safeguarded the powerful Brahmastra. In modern times, Shiva, a DJ, discovers he’s connected to fire, meeting Isha, and falling in love. Scientist Mohan Bhargav possesses a piece of Brahmastra, facing attacks from Zor and Raftaar. Evil queen Junoon tortures Bhargav for Brahmastra’s location, but he sacrifices himself. Shiva witnesses this through fire-induced hallucinations, realizing artist Anish Shetty is the next target. Together, they embark on a journey to safeguard the ancient weapon. While the movie isn’t considered the best in terms of Ranbir’s acting, it sent the cash registers roaring in 2022, pulling Bollywood out of the post Covid lull.

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