Sanjay Gupta Slams Bollywood Actors for Exorbitant Fees: This Has to Change! | – Times of India

Sanjay Gupta is known for his films like Aatish, Kaante, Zinda, Musafir Kaabil and many more. The man has been part of the business for several years and has seen many ups and downs. An avid X user, Sanjay Gupta often uses the social media platform to voice his thoughts.
In a recent post, the director has spoken about actors charging exorbitant fees for films, which fail to recover even their remunerations.Sanjay Gupta shared on X, “Box office first weekend multiplied by two is usually first week collection. Lifetime business of most films is less than the hero’s fees. This has to change!!!”
This post may seemingly have been triggered after it was reported that Hrithik Roshan charged more than Rs 85 crore Fighter, Deepika Padukone was paid Rs 20 crore while total collection of the film stands at Rs 189 crore in India. Shahid Kapoor- Kriti Sanon film ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ also underperformed on day 1, collecting only Rs 6.5 crore, which may have also caused Sanjay Gupta to share his thoughts on box office collection.
Last year, Gupta voiced his concerns regarding theatre attendance and told ETimes, “Gadar 2 and Jawan are big-budget films and they have taken 2-3 years to be made. Theatres will be empty again after a couple of weeks, waiting for the next big film to arrive. All the big stars do one film a year. No big star does two films. SRK did not have a release in the last five years. Hrithik and Aamir also do one film in two years. It can’t be the case that only these top 5-6 stars’ films work. When people go to the theatres to back a combination of films then I’d say that the audiences are back.”

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