Shah Rukh Khan: 35 Years Left in Career & Why No Crossover Film | – Times of India

Shah Rukh Khan isn’t just known for his on-screen roles and a career spanning over three decades. But the actor is known for his wit, charm and aura. Not to mention, he’s always loved for how confident he is about himself.
The actor attended the World Government Summit in Dubai where he was asked about he hasn’t done a crossover film yet. Reacting to it, he said, “I want to end my career (which is far from ending right now.I have another 35 years to go) with a film which is loved by the whole world. And then nobody on a big stage like this should ask me why haven’t I done a crossover film. That film should cross me over, that’s my dream.”

During this chat, Shah Rukh also revealed that he was offered ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ but he thought the role was too small for him to do. He was also quite honest about his failure before the success of his last three films. SRK said, “I was glad that my family didn’t tell me, ‘Listen, your pizzas are better than your films, stop making films.’ I’m glad that they turned around and said, ‘As good as your pizzas are, your films are better’. They were very encouraging, especially my children and my team. I’d become indulgent. I’d started becoming too innovative. I was looking for perfection, and I started failing. I needed to be excellent, I needed to be unique, but I needed to look at what the audience wanted.”
Shah Rukh said he introspected and started thinking about what the audience wanted from him. They wanted him to spread love and happiness! The actor said that during his break before ‘Pathaan’, he learnt to make pizzas and that taught him perseverance. “To make the perfect pizza, it takes millions of square pizzas before you’re able to make it round.”

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