V Rising Awakens On PlayStation 5 This Year

V Rising, the popular survival action RPG, is branching away from PC and making its way to PS5 sometime this year. The new was announced during today’s State of Play.

The game, which first entered Steam Early Access in May 2022, puts players in the immortal shoes of a weak vampire who awakens after slumbering for centuries. Players must regain their strength and rebuild their castle, which, among other things, involves enslaving humans to do their bidding. Whatever your method of rebuilding your might and fending off foes, you’ll have to plan around a day/night cycle since sunlight is a big no-no for your well being. V Rising can be played alone or alongside friends in multiplayer. 

Interestingly, since Sony doesn’t have an Early Access style program, one has to wonder if V Rising’s arrival will coincide with an impending 1.0 launch on PC. V Rising was a big hit when it first arrived on Steam and has garnered positive reviews, so here’s hoping the experience translates well on console. 

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