When Aamir Khan assured Mona Singh: Auditions aren’t a judgement of an actor’s worth | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Actor Mona Singh, known for her roles in ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ alongside Aamir Khan, recently shared insights from a conversation with the Bollywood star. Mona, who initially felt uncomfortable with auditions, opened up to Aamir about her reservations during the shooting of ‘Laal Singh Chaddha.’Mona expressed her hesitation, stating to Entertainment Live, “I used to take it personally, thinking, Why are they calling me for an audition? I used to feel that they don’t trust me if they are calling me for an audition.” To this end, Aamir Khan provided valuable advice, emphasising that actors should not take auditions personally. He explained that auditions are a crucial tool for filmmakers to assess whether an actor is the right fit for a particular character, considering factors such as appearance and accent.
Aamir shared his perspective, saying, “You should think about the makers as well. They need to see whether you look like the character or not. What is your accent? If you match it a little bit too, makers will be sure that you can pull off the character. But if it doesn’t match a bit, they get to know it in the audition itself. That does not mean you are good or bad. Nobody is judging you. They are only seeing whether they will get their character in the actor or not.”
Mona Singh, realising the significance of auditions, mentioned that it’s a very nice thing, as she used to take auditions personally. She said that Aamir Khan opened up her mind to auditions. She now approaches auditions with a more open mindset, understanding that they are a professional tool for matching actors with suitable roles.
To further illustrate his point, Aamir Khan disclosed that he himself auditioned for the film ‘Secret Superstar.’ Mona corroborated this revelation with the film’s director, Advait Chandan, ensuring the authenticity of Aamir’s claim.

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