Where’s Our Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Review? – IGN

Suicide Squad’s “early access” period will start to go live around the world late Monday night on consoles (and 10am PT Tuesday on Steam), which means that’s when it’s officially out, practically speaking. Unfortunately, we won’t have a review of Rocksteady’s new game-as-a-service looter shooter for you right away, as codes have not been sent ahead of time – in fact, Warner Bros. Games informed IGN that it has declined to send us codes at all.

That’s disappointing because we always strive to have a full opinion on a major game available for you at launch, but it’s well within WB’s rights, as sending out review codes is neither an obligation nor something we take for granted. We will purchase our own copies and start our review in progress, guides, and other coverage the moment it launches, and we’ll have impressions up as soon as we can after that. Thanks for being patient!

In the absence of a review, we suggest you check out our hands-on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League preview from earlier this month. While our previewer was optimistic about the potential of the story cutscenes and character builds he got a taste of, he ultimately left that session less impressed than he hoped he would be. Maybe the full game will fare better!

If you’re jumping in at launch, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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