Xbox To Announce Anticipated Business Updates This Thursday

Last week, amid rumors about Xbox exclusives coming to other platforms, Phil Spencer announced an event that would detail the future of Xbox. While we’re no closer to knowing the exact details of the event, we now know the “where” and “when”: the announcement will happen on the official Xbox podcast this Thursday, February 15. The episode will be posted at 12 PM Pacific/3 PM Eastern

The podcast in question will feature more than just Xbox head Phil Spencer, however. Sarah Bond and Matt Booty, the Presidents of Xbox and Xbox Game studios, respectively, will also give updates on the future of the brand. 

There are a few likely candidates for discussion. The most recent is the report that Xbox exclusives would begin coming to other platforms, including Hi-Fi Rush, Starfield, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Speculation around this news has taken many different directions, with some even theorizing that the loss of exclusivity implies Xbox might stop making consoles altogether. A report from earlier today, however, says that this isn’t the case.

The other topic on the table is the company’s most recent round of mass layoffs, where over 1900 employees were let go from the company, and a Blizzard survival game years into development was canceled. While Blizzard and Microsoft have since asserted that the layoffs would have happened with or without their notorious merger, the FTC filed a complaint. Either for gamers, employees, or the regulatory bodies of the world, it’s a viable point of discussion.

When the podcast is posted on Thursday, you’ll be able to listen to it on Xbox’s YouTube channel right here.

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